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  • 5/27: 奥巴去广岛,称美国不能“repeat the evil”,为反法西斯的胜利道歉?
     Obama said that "71 years ago on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed."
      "A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself," the President added during his address at the site of the first nuclear bombing. 
      He said "Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? We come to ponder the terrible forces unleashed in the not so distant past. We come to mourn the dead ... their souls speak to us and ask us to look inward. To take stock of who we are and what we might become."  
    “Let all the souls here rest in peace, for we shall not repeat the evil,” the president said.

    5/25: Trump在加州Rally上邀请华裔Chinese American支持者上台:


    Chinese-Americans Rally with Trump in Anaheim
    The doctor who shook the hand of GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump on stage as he rallied supporters in Anaheim, California, is part of a 2,000-strong “Chinese-Americans for Trump” organization with 15 chapters across the country.

    5/23: Trump on transgender: let state decide. https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/734898832815706113?s=09
    5/21: 男克曾26次乘坐过强奸犯臭名昭著的性侵年轻女孩的‘萝莉快线’, 其中五次撇开特勤人员, 他在上面干什么呢? Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights

    5/19: 三德斯说民主党初选之争personal, 控诉民主党主席work against him,

    5/17: 纯属造谣:隔壁帖“Trump支持者终于向马工开枪了”, 没有来源,没有link,这样的帖子也能发?

    5/10: Nebraska, West Virginia初选

    5/8: Trump只是一次回记者问题时说可以让Jenner这种确认的用他楼里的女厕,从没主动提起更别说大肆推广了。
    Trump同意的是Caitlyn Jenner这类做过变性手术的人用Trump Tower的女厕所,她的身份证明等都改了,确实是真的trans无疑。而且是厕所, 没提更衣室。 现在很多极左政府推的“自以为”是女性没任何证明就可以用厕所加更衣室,很容易被犯罪分子abuse的这项大面积无差别政策有很大区别。这个话题是记者提出问Catilyn Jenner在Trump Tower该用哪个厕所时Trump回答的,他自己从不主动提起这些无聊的social issues,在美国国家安全和经济发展都受到威胁的今天,民主党天天折腾这些上厕所话题不过是转移民众注意的伎俩罢了。

    5/4: Kasich退选
    5/3:印第安纳初选, Trump取得决定性胜利! Cruz退选!
    4/6:新泽西: 无党派人士可以初选当天改, 现在不需要做任何事,当天去投票同时注册为共和党就可以。如果以前注册了民主党, 需要在4/20以前要更改注册才可以投共和党。

    4/5: Wisconsin初选, poll close中部时间8点

    3/31:希拉里说她没收石油公司的钱:I am so sick of Sanders lying! Hilary had an angry outburst from Clinton on Thursday when Greenpeace activist Eva Resnick-Day confronted her at a campaign event in New York. Resnick-Day asked whether Clinton would reject future fossil fuel money in her campaign.

    “I do not have — I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies,” Clinton said, pointing her finger at Resnick-Day. “I am so sick — I am so sick — of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

    Sander's response: "Secretary Clinton owes us an apology. We were not lying. We were telling the truth," the Vermont senator said during a standard section of his stump speech here.

    "The truth is that Secretary Clinton has relied heavily on funds from lobbyists working for the oil, gas and coal industry. According to an analysis done by Greenpeace, Hillary Clinton's campaign and her super PAC have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry," he said.
    He added: "In fact, 57 oil gas and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to her campaign, with 43 of them contributing the maximum allowed for the primary. And these are not just workers in the fossil fuel industry, these are paid, registered lobbyists."



    3/30: 关于妇女堕胎: 采访原文如下, 媒体忽略了整个讨论前提是记者提出的假设: 如果堕胎违法。
    记者绕圈子设陷阱,put words in Trump’s mouth, 然后主流媒体报道新闻时完全忽略前提。


    进一步说,这个前提根本不可能实现,讨论这个有什么意义? 总统对这事完全没有影响力。米犹控制的媒体非常喜欢炒作这些不重要的问题,每次大选都折腾这些,转移选民的注意力,让选民看不到真正关键issue,成功跟着媒体转,洗脑功夫一流。

    4:39: Full transcript of Trump’s abortion comments per MSNBC

    3/29: Trump其实是个好人,有颗great heart, 非常乐于帮助别人。无论是PTSD的vet还是病重的小孩,Georgia的农场还是Iowa的洗衣机厂,Trump做过很多好人好事。而且都是多年前做的,从来没有大肆宣传过。Trump的好事,媒体从来不讲,今天出现在rally的这一个,主流媒体可有提过?天天抓住一些事放大扭曲,选择性报道,栽赃抹黑不停顿。

    Donald Trump shared an emotional moment with the 2005 Miss Wisconsin, who is dying from an incurable disease, at a rally on Tuesday. Melissa Consin Young, who was crowned Miss Wisconsin 11 years ago, thanked Trump for being able to give her son a future after she succumbs to autonomic failure.

    Autonomic failure is when the part of the brain that controls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, digestion and most vital organs stops functioning.

    On Tuesday Melissa was given the microphone at the Janesville rally and graciously thanked Trump for his help making sure her seven-year-old Mexican-American son would be cared for.

    'You've saved me in so many ways. In recent years I've been struggling with an incurable illness and I'm on home care now and it was caused by a doctor's medical negligence.

    'In those dark days fighting - right now all the tubes have been removed and I have a 'do not resuscitate' order and I have a seven year old son - those days in the hospital, I received from you a handwritten letter that says "to the bravest woman i know",' Melissa told him through tears.

    Trump, who owned the pageant until 2015, told her he remembered writing the letter. 'Are you coming along okay,' Trump asked Melissa.

    She told him she wasn't doing well but she was happy she had made it to see him. 'I'm here now to thank you in person and that was my biggest dream. 'I wanted to thank you because through you and your organizations, my son, a Mexican-American, through your organizations and just being able to stand on that stage with you in 2005, and the outpouring of love, ultimately provided my son with a full-ride to college,' Melissa said.

    The crowd began to cheer when Melissa revealed Miss USA had helped the seven-year-old pay for his future education.
    She told Trump she was writing letters to her son, Jack, for 'when she's in heaven' telling him to pay it forward because of the gift that was given to him.


    3/27:是个boy! 第三个孩子。带着帽子很cute:) 再附一张Ivanka家的女儿过春节的图

    3/22:Arizona, Utah初选

    3/15: 东部时间NC, OH 4:30开票, FL, MO, IL 5点开票

    3/14: Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorses Hillary Clinton for PresidentIs Hilary the real racist?
    Hillary did campaign for Barry Goldwater in the 60s (wanted to overturn the Civil Rights Act), claimed to have her political ideologies rooted in Conservatism, supported a Crime Bill which quadrupled the amount of incarcerated between 1990 and 2000 (disproportionately targeting blacks), called black youth super predators saying that they must "be brought to heel".

    3/13:路透柏林3月13日 - 德国周日进行的三个地区选举中,总理默克尔所在的基民盟(CDU)遭遇连续失利,选民通过投票反对她的难民政策,并成群投向反难民的新选项党(AfD)。

    3/12: 职业左疯抗议者在Ohio集会从身后袭击Trump,Secret Service急忙保护,袭击者已逮捕,身份曝光。

    视频: https://www.facebook.com/CBSNlive/videos/1696303503949436/

    The Secret Service released the name of the man arrested this morning for bum rushing the stage in Ohio to attack Donald Trump. He is 32 year old [other reports note he is 22] Tom Dimassimo and he first came to national attention for holding “a protest” where students stepped on the American flag on the grounds of Ohio’s Wright State University…


    3/11: 我不同意你,你就别想说话 - 芝加哥民主党BLM支持者暴力骚乱,两警察受伤,Trump集会被迫取消

    You're only allowed to have freedom of speech if you're a liberal Democrat or politically correct.
    If Trump supporters did this to a Bernie rally.... Imagine how much crap Trump would get.

    Clinton & Sanders came to Oklahoma not too long ago, Oklahoma, the reddest of the red states and they held their rallies with not one protester or problem. Trump goes to the bluest of the blue states in Illinois and thousands show up to protest and shut the rally down. Who is the tolerant party?

    一个纳粹/希特勒/种族主义者/KKK……天天煽动暴力,制造分裂,鼓吹仇恨,结果他那么多“low education,low information”爱好暴力啥也不懂的支持者没有一次去别人的集会捣乱,反而是别人的支持者逼得他自己的集会没法举行。有这么窝囊废的希特勒吗?


    Dr. Ben Carson spoke about attempts to stifle free speech calling it "a very dangerous precedent.":
    "Unfortunately – particularly on a lot of our college campuses – intolerance reigns supreme. Tolerance is only taught in one direction."

    In 2016, MoveOn endorsed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States after holding online elections in which 340,665 members reportedly cast their ballot. 78.6% of these supported the junior Senator from Vermont, while 14.6% and 0.9% threw themselves behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, respectively.



    From turtlezhu:最搞笑的是CNN记者在前面说示威者都很和平啊,没有什么暴力行为啊,他身后一个示威者就throw a punch了,现场打脸!

    在场的正常参加rally人的真实感受:I have never felt so unsafe in my entire life. Additionally, the protesters were very out of control and were not being contained by the PD.

    DeAnne Price - I was at the rally this evening. I can personally say that I waited with my Mom for over 8 hours to see Trump and it was very peaceful until the protesters arrived. Everyone was having a great time and ready to see Trump. Until it became very clear that there was a huge problem brewing. I personally feel that being there and seeing it all there is more to be said that what we actually have been told. For example, after waiting for more than 30 minutes beyond his scheduled 6 PM time someone "not sure who" came out and said Trump has just landed and has been told by the Chicago PD that he shouldn't go to the rally. The rally has been "postponed". People didn't know where to go.....should we leave should we stay? Is it unsafe to go outside?? We don't know. So we leave no choice but to do so. Students screaming and chanting in the gridlocked halls. I have never felt so unsafe in my entire life. Additionally, the protesters were very out of control and were not being contained by the PD. I do have to say that they were chasing the supporters into the parking structure and literally had people running for their lives. My mom and I both feared that bad things were going to happen. Younger people stating rocks were being thrown at them. Very disappointed and a lot learned tonight. My only choice for President is Donald J Trump. I will not stand with anyone else. They didn't win tonight they only made this supporter support her candidate even more.





    初选的wiki, 包括schedule, 规则等:

    How do your beliefs align with the potential candidates? 
    对一些问题回答yes或no以及这个问题对你有多重要,能看出你和所有获选人的契合程度。注意两点:一是点开other stances选项有很多有条件的支持和反对,可能更准确的表达立场。二是点击show more questions, 否则问题过少不能全面分析。


    3/4: Trump要打击的是ICC对于H1B的Abuse,用海外运来的廉价劳动力直接代替美国工人。对于在美国学习希望留下的人,他是大力欢迎的。
    他举过的例子是Disney臭名昭著的用ICC来的廉价劳力替代:A furor over the layoffs in Orlando last January brought to light many other episodes in which American workers said they had lost jobs to foreigners on H-1B visas, and had to train replacements as a condition of their severance. The foreign workers, mostly from India, were provided by outsourcing companies, including the two named in the lawsuits, which have dominated the H-1B visa system, packing the application process to win an outsize share of the quota set by Congress of 85,000 visas each year.
    http://www.wenxuecity.com/news/2016/03/04/5029801.html IT岗位大批解聘美国人雇印度人 H1B签证再起争议
    http://www.wenxuecity.com/news/2015/06/04/4319340.html 美媒揭露印度外包公司滥用H1B 美国会跟进
    http://www.wenxuecity.com/news/2015/06/13/4342208.html 滥用H-1B签证 两家印度最大科技顾问公司遭查
    这些才是老美说到H1b abuse时的所指,如果自己不是就不要对号入座了。
    现在老印一个人可以通过好几个ICC中介交好多份申请,导致正经直接给公司工作的中国人抽不上签,两次抽不上就被迫回国。而抽上签的人也因为工作环境里越来越多的老印而受排挤。去年的H1B名额被印度人占去了85%, 大头就是这些空降ICC廉价劳力。

    1. Trump自己多次说要鼓励在美国上学的外国人留下来,比如他自己的tweet:
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    I want talented people to come into this country—to work hard and to become citizens. Silicon Valley needs engineers, etc.
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should not be thrown out of our country.

    2. 还比如他自己的答记者问:
    很多人都听说了昨天记者Ramos因为不守规矩被Trump暂时请出会场,可是后来Trump又让他回来了哦,还回答了他所有问题,他自己主动提到中合法移民,特别是在美国读书的, 原话如下(感谢urthur mm):
    TRUMP: No, not at all. ... We need that in the Silicon Valley when somebody goes to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the Wharton school of finance, we send them out as soon as they graduate. They can't stay here. It's ridiculous. They want to be here. So, then they go to their country wherever it may be, whether it's Asia, Mexico, wherever it may be and they compete against us. I don't want that. I'll have one more then, yes, ma'am? Go ahead.

    3. 类似的说法在他演讲中也不只出现了一次, 比如:Donald Trump speaks at the SC Tea Party Convention Nov 20, 2015
    你碰巧来自亚洲,你在哈佛拿第一名,你留不下来。你可以去沃顿商学院学金融,这是最好的商学院。你可以是一个伟大的天才,他们叫你离开这个国家。你待了四年,你在你们班第一,你很聪明,你想留在这个国家,你想要做的非常出色,你要创业要雇人,他们说,离开这里。这是令人难以置信的。 所以这些人回到中国,回到韩国,回到他们的国家。他们非常出色,击败了我们的大脑。他们是非常棒的。为什么我们要继续这样做?为什么真正能做事的人没有留下来,而留下来的是那些越过边境的非法移民。我有天晚上看新闻,边境执法者站在那里不动,看着数百人,大概上千人,走过美墨边境,进入我们的国家。(掌声)

    You happened to come from Asia, you are number one in Harvard, you can't get in. You can go to Wharton School of Finance, which is the best business school. You can go and be a great genius and they throw you out of the country. Four years you stay, you do, you're number one in your class you really smart, you want to stay in this country, you want to do a great job,you want to employ people, they say get out of here. It is unbelievable. So they go back to China, they go back to South Korea, they go back to other places. And they beat our brains. They are really good. Why are we keep it that. Why are the people that really add something, as opposed to people just flow across the border. I saw something on the news the other night,where they have guards standing there, and hundreds of people, probably thousands, people just walking right through, into our country.


    新春快乐!Trump孙女过春节,背唐诗“锄禾日当午,汗滴禾下土”: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBm4NowCkIA/

    3/4: 希拉里在自己的speech里面,没人的provoke和攻击的情况下学狗叫,绘声绘色。
    本不想帖这个,但作为counter puncher不得不发。

    3/1: Super Tuesday终于来临:看结果:Trump 7,Cruz 3, Rubio 1; Hilary 7, Sanders 4

    2/24: Super Tuesday, 历史上来看这是初选最关键的一天,12个州同时投票,最后的提名人无一例外都在这天取得了好成绩。

    2/23: 初选第四站:Nevada, Trump 46%, Rubio 24%, Cruz 21%, Carson 5%, Kasich 4%


    2/9:初选第二站:New Hampshire, 从历史上看,这个州的结果对党内提名人的预测有重要意义。Iowa picks corns, NH picks president. 结果:Trump, Sanders获胜!

    2/6:共和党debate, 视频:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEYB1zisu0E, Christie痛斥Rubio, 25 second memorized speech:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQUThGwRFMM, 集中版复读机4次:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNRNHgi1RzU

    2/1: Iowa初选,共和党和民主党, Cruz先拔头筹,Trump第二,希拉里险胜

    1/28: Trump没有参加fox news的辩论,转而给老兵和受伤的士兵举办event,募集到超过6百万美元的捐款

    1/17: 民主党辩论:东部9点,NBC news,youtube上也有直播。民主党初选白热化,Sanders Iowa迫近,NH领先。之前的进攻基本都是Trump做的,Sanders在旁边沾光。到了关键时刻,Sanders 会一改以前的软弱态势,主动进攻希拉里吗?

    1/14:今天共和党辩论东部9点fox business台。 Full debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeqe_XKWs3o, Trump vs Cruz round 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9L-prXogME, Round 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u44UqeUBphY

    12/18: Sanders将DNC告上法庭,指责其关于选民数据泄露事件判决不公,偏袒希拉里。

    12/14:Trump从来没有说过让美国穆斯林wear special Id,如果说数据库是媒体故意扭曲,这个纯属无中生有,为了证明某些观点故意捏造,我已经反驳过,某些人明知错误却造谣诽谤是违法的。

    11/20: 辟谣,Trump根本没说过要certainly implementmsl数据库,媒体扭曲.
    请大家看看Context, Trump明显是在说他的wall和stop people from coming in illegally。这就是“certainly implement”的来源。


    11/11:今天fox business debate, 经济议题为主,视频:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0Z7mox6HY

    10/28: 第三次共和党辩论Your money Your vote:CNBC,东部8点,西部5点, 视频:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHUmhGs1b7A

    10/21: Vice President Joe Biden says he won't run for president in 2016. 好失望,有拜登在应该会很好玩,现在Dem这边太无聊了。

    10/13: 今天民主党初选第一次辩论, CNN 8:30pm ET 看点在哪里?终于可以搞清另外几个候选人的名字了?有没人有当面质疑希拉里邮件门?Trump在FB和Twitter上同步点评?

    9/28:30万是贫困线还是富人线?Tax plan来说话。
    Trump画的富人线和湾区贫困线一样 , 30万以上税率25%,中产线是10万税率20%

    9/16: GOP debate round 2: 视频:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8sEy7DJIZQ

    9/3: Trump ruled out third part run

    8/30:天下乌鸦不是一般黑:GOP黑人候选人Carson。好多人在O8之后都被黑人总统吓怕了,可是退休医生Ben Carson是个异类:African American里面5%是republican, 65% democrats, 30% independent. Carson就属于这稀有的5%的杰出代表。 他反对BLM,前一阵他发了一篇文章,系统性的讲述了BLM misfire, 如何set wrong target, 正确的target是什么。

    8/26: Trump再挺在美国读书的高科技移民: 很多人都听说了昨天记者Ramos因为不守规矩被Trump暂时请出会场,可是后来Trump又让他回来了哦,还回答了他所有问题,他自己主动提到中合法移民,特别是在美国读书的:
    TRUMP: No, not at all. ... We need that in the Silicon Valley when somebody goes to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the Wharton school of finance, we send them out as soon as they graduate. They can't stay here. It's ridiculous. They want to be here. So, then they go to their country wherever it may be, whether it's Asia, Mexico, wherever it may be and they compete against us. I don't want that. I'll have one more then, yes, ma'am? Go ahead.
    关于Trump对合法移民看法的总结: P128

    8/25: Anchor baby 前传请见8/21的note, 现在Bush突然改口说他更多的指Asians(即月子中心), 其目的显然是讨好拉丁裔。 Trump说他offended Asians, 是clumsy move。

    8/22: 拜登准备加入竞选?前一阵已有传言,这周末与warren 证明猜测很有可能成真。如果参选,这将是他在72岁高龄的第三次冲顶,前两次均在预选早期就drop out。

    8/12: 在最新的New Hampshire的poll中,希拉里第一次输给了共产主义战士Sanders, 民主党这边由一边倒也变得越来越好看了,这和最近希拉里的邮件门事件持续恶化有很大关系。

    8/6: 因为trump,大家都想看热闹,哈哈。fox news 9pm ET。 和facebook共同主办 (话说fb股价怎么还不上100啊啊)。Youtube上的高清录像,想看没看的同学看过来:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqjkx_SUeH8; 16% of United States homes with TV sets tuned in.

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  • 看啊。。。。。。那么好的大戏。。。。耍猴不要钱你不看吗。。。。。

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  • 看啊,然后等着个大late night show出搞笑版!

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  • 关注 想知道c span有木有直播

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  • 看啊

    现在是lower tier的那批辩论,比如德州州长什么的

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    2015-08-06 17:45:03 8 楼

  • 因为trump,大家都想看热闹,哈哈。fox news 9pm ET。 和facebook共同主办 (话说fb股价怎么还不上100啊啊)

    luckyso 发表于 8/6/2015 5:31:04 PM
    Trump 领先是因为有太多的"传统"选手。如果共和党只有一个"传统"选手,他肯定不是敌手。

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 17:58:03 9 楼
  • Trump 领先是因为有太多的"传统"选手。如果共和党只有一个"传统"选手,他肯定不是敌手。

    BlueNDGold 发表于 8/6/2015 5:45:03 PM

  • 头像 楼主 | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:04:48 10 楼
  • 最喜欢看trump噘着小嘴儿叨叨了

  • 头像 BlueNDGold | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:05:34 11 楼
  • 那个HP的前CEO也算非传统吧

    luckyso 发表于 8/6/2015 5:58:03 PM

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:11:39 12 楼
  • 非传统的背景不意味她支持非传统的政策。

    BlueNDGold 发表于 8/6/2015 6:05:34 PM

  • 头像 urthur | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:19:13 13 楼
  • 看,不过可能没有掀桌互骂的情节

  • 头像 amyfair | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:28:59 14 楼
  • 会看一下,但是就怕期望越大失望越大啊。本来想看粗口爆米花搞笑片,万一被这群人演成文艺小清新爱情片什么的就倒胃口了

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:30:06 15 楼
  • 前面一场貌似HP女CEO引起的关注多, google上有数据说他是most searched candidate during early GOP debate

  • 头像 lingling7 | 操作
    2015-08-06 18:48:25 16 楼
  • 没cable是不是就看不到了?

  • 头像 拼了 | 操作
    2015-08-06 19:08:28 17 楼
  • 一定要看啊

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 19:23:14 18 楼
  • 前面一场貌似HP女CEO引起的关注多, google上有数据说他是most searched candidate during early GOP debate
    luckyso 发表于 8/6/2015 6:30:06 PM

  • 头像 Narnia | 操作
    2015-08-06 19:28:52 19 楼
  • 同问

    RE: 有人看今晚的GOP primary共和党初选debate吗?据说会是史上最高... 没cable是不是就看不到了?lingling7 发表于 2015-08-06 16:32 PM

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 20:28:03 20 楼
  • 同问

    Narnia 发表于 8/6/2015 7:28:52 PM

  • 头像 shoppingspree | 操作
    2015-08-06 20:45:19 21 楼
  • 这在看。。。。。。撕扯得越狠越精彩

  • 头像 sonicbb | 操作
    2015-08-06 20:46:58 22 楼
  • 就等着他们撕B了。。。赶紧撕。。。

  • 头像 shoppingspree | 操作
    2015-08-06 20:56:52 23 楼
  • 简直就是娱乐节目

  • 头像 Sunny_June | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:01:32 24 楼
  • 上面的网址看不了啊

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:02:49 25 楼
  • 看得了啊,我正在看

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:03:18 26 楼
  • 上来就开撕了,哈哈

  • 头像 luckyso | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:05:51 27 楼
  • 那个网址需要enable flash player

  • 头像 QIQITG | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:30:32 28 楼
  • 这个Link看不了,enable Flash player 也看不了

  • 头像 Narnia | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:35:24 29 楼

  • 这个Link看不了,enable Flash player 也看不了QIQITG 发表于 2015-08-06 18:39 PM

  • 头像 QIQITG | 操作
    2015-08-06 21:35:28 30 楼
  • 正在看,这个Link管用: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqafQVNkyN4&feature=youtu.be

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